Susana Sulic

Independient artist
Paris and Buenos Aires

For almost 40 years I’m committed to develop a conjunction of poetry, sciences and mathematics.
I arrived in Paris from Argentina with a fellowship from the French government in 1981. My first work was at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris, for the Electra exhibition, requiring research and interactive work with the public (1982-83).To complete this research I experimented with all kinds of technology, made several residences and organised exhibitions: Science and Art; Art and Magic; Latin American Biennal, Art and Science; Poetry festival (1989- 99), and a series of events up to the present. Diploma: Fine Arts, Graphics: Kunstakademy, Dusseldorf- New Doctorate aesthetics science, technology of the image, Paris VIII University.

Variation II Positive
Variation II Positive
40 x 40 cm
Printed Computer image

In my project Cyvers (2001-2003), the images are generated by the activity and the movement of artificial entities. That it means not only to write but also to behave, to act. From the text on the base, a peculiar dynamic in which the words, letters and signs are transformed into images. Cyvers (1996) is a configuration of different words from french and english : verset, cyber, vers, verse, poetry and towards. Cyvers is a synthesis of morphogenetics, mathematical and physics contents, built after a process of research and multidisciplinary practise. This concept was created concerning the role of artist related to advanced technological proceeded searching a poetical decontextualisation.