Yoshiaki Araki and Takaaki Kihara

Japan Tessellation Design Association
Tokyo, JAPAN

Tessellation is one of the best ways to illustrate mathematical natures of the shapes/spaces by repeating the congruent figures along them.
I have been pursuing tessellation design of shapes/spaces to attract wide range of audiences with recognizable figures familiar to them such as animals.
My recent focus is to show how tessellation designs can be mixed with traditional things in order to innovate new media for understanding shapes/spaces.

Sounder of Boars Popping Up
Sounder of Boars Popping Up
8 x 20 x 8 cm

Boars are wildly moving straight forward without looking back the past when they are densely packed on a sheet of paper without any gaps and overlaps.
The sheet of paper is designed as a popup card with cut lines and crease lines along the boundary of boars.
Once the paper is folded in a way where all the dihedral angles along its crease lines are right angles, the paper turns into a stair stage highlighting vigorous sounder of boars.