Jacqueline Ott

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

My work is abstract and self-referential. I set up a defined format within which to work because it allows me to concentrate on inventing unique markings and systematic methods of configuring the marks. A fixed set of parameters is applied to a mark or image-shape. The image determines the system and the system opens the image to infinite variations and mutations. The work follows the logic of the system on which it is based – nothing frivolous is included.

udo 31
udo 31
42 x 53 cm
gouache on gampi

This painting, “udo 31” is an open net of repeating marks and random breaks hung on a triangular grid. The three sizes of mark are put down in four layers. The layer with lightest color value is sandwiched between the darker top and bottom layers, creating an ambiguous space. The disruptions of the pattern facilitate movement throughout the painting.