Retired Mathematics Teacher
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I have selected curves of differential geometry as the basis for the work. It is my idea to form the osculating ellipse of a sufficient plane curve by graphing cubic parabola,parabola, ellipse, collinear points and diagonal straight lines with intent to find a.horizontal line and equilateral triangle. The ellipse has a 31 degree clockwise rotation finding horizontal line and equilateral triangle. It represents mathematical concepts by use of line, a priori the curvature of an ellipse. The collinear intersects demonstrate both mathematical and visual truths in the geometric pictorial field. In terms of color, this painting is bridged between being both a black and white painting; and a pure color painting using the three primary colors."

Osculating Ellipse
Osculating Ellipse
45 x 45 cm
digital print on vinyl
2018 © ®

"This Digital print is made from the original painting, Osculating Ellipse, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 79 inches."