David Thompson

Mathematics Teacher
Baltimore City Public Schools
Baltimore, MD

This artwork was created with MatLab and Stipple Generator software with technical assistance from Dr. Timothy Chartier, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College. The algorithm that Dr. Chartier's MatLab program used was based on the Traveling Salesperson Problem and is compatible with any digital image. I used Dr. Chartier's program to create this TSP art in memory of my former professor Dr. Reza Sarhangi (1952-2016). Dr. Sarhangi was a Professor of Mathematics at Towson University, and he taught me while I pursued my undergraduate and graduate studies in secondary mathematics education.

Reza Sarhangi TSP Art
Reza Sarhangi TSP Art
20 x 28 cm
StippleGen 2, MatLab, PowerPoint

"Reza Sarhangi" TSP Art inspired by the Traveling Salesperson problem.