Fielding Brown

10 Longwood Dr. #236, Westwood, MA

My sculptures are Lissajous figures in 3D. I first saw these figures on the screen of an early oscilloscope, flat curves describing, for example, a spinning coin or a gyrating hula hoop. I then imagined how I might describe these Lissajous in 3D, and then how to actually build them as sculpture.

I have devised a twofold process to do this. On my computer I first write three, simultaneous, parametric equations (time as parameter) to define a particular Lissajous. Then, if the corresponding curve is aesthetically pleasing and also buildable, I build it in my shop.

This process is quite general since, by changing equations, a limitless number of Lissajous sculptures can be produced. The body of my work has been created in this way.

Three Dancers
Three Dancers
45 x 45 x 45 cm
Laminated Wood/ Styrene

This sculpture demonstrates my technique of building 3D-Lissojous figures. Lines and curves are constructed as laminations of thin strips of wood and/or other materials. In this case the inner layer is cherry, middle layers styrene, and the outer layer is rosewood. Strips are assembled as a bundle with fresh epoxy glue between layers,
are bent as a bundle around a math-defined form, and then allowed to harden into final form.

The Dancers stand on a “floor” of brown velvet, and the turntable base turns to see them dance.
3D Lissajous sculptures are unique to my work.