Hans Dehlinger

Prof. i.R., University of Kassel, Germany
School of Art, University of Kassel, Germany
Kassel / Berlin

The focus of my work is on generative art based on algorithms. The programs conceived and written result in line-drawings. Random variations on parameter-sets “contaminate” the outcome in a distinct and wanted manner.
I am not a mathematician, but the strictness of mathematics, and the inherent structured order of data often received from a mathematical process become visual in the drawings. It is difficult to prove this observation objectively, but in my judgment it is valid. This is in line with a basic hypothesis I subscribe to: Some kind of order is a necessary condition for any aesthetic event.

D2_02 [fuzzy fibonacci]
D2_02 [fuzzy fibonacci]
19 x 19 cm
digital print on archival paper

The image is based on the numbers 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5, which are at the beginning of the well known Fibonacci Sequence. Mathematically it is rather simple - however, quite amazing opportunities from an artist´s point of view are resulting. The underlying line-drawing is generated with a program (Python), and its parameter settings determine angle, number of lines in sections, repetitions, rotations, and so on.The mathematical starting point and the strict generative-algorithmic production process are on the one side; the addition of intuitive artistic judgement is on the other side.