James RD Rose

Assistant Professor of Art
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Room 110 Marwick Boyd Fine Arts Complex, Clarion University, Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214, USA

The Sabattical Spring of 2018 has been an unusual experience for me.
I worked with a scholar and Algebraist who wrote the text book “History of Mathematics for Middle School Teachers”. If you told me I would have been reading a book like this when I was in high school or even art school I would have called you crazy.
Every Thursday morning from 9 AM to 11AM Professor McConnell and I would get together at his house in the country to discuss the early development and the understanding of mathematics and inventions that were the result of great thinkers
I have known the importance of Art to humanity and its advancement throughout the centuries expanding human creativity.

Chapter 5 Archimedes
Chapter 5 Archimedes
36 x 62 cm
Mixed media, Watercolor, Pen and ink, photography, and Photoshop

Chapter 5 Archimedes
This chapter gave me a Eureka moment as I was working on his portrait, I realized he appeared intelligent but a little crazy which was exactly what he was.
I didn’t know that until the illustration was finished. I only had reference from antiquity and the imagination of other artists. I could do whatever I wanted.
His story is amazing, especially since there are so many things that he invented that we are still using today such as the headlight, tachometer,,the archimedean screw, the cylinder and sphere and Pi.