Robert Krawczyk

College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL USA

The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community, connection. The Mandala is a symbol of man or woman in the world, a support for the meditating person. Mandala is image representing balance, reflecting a universe in which all was in balance. Ancient Hindus and Buddhists in the East as well as ancient priests and shamans in the West looked upon this symbol in all its variations as a tool for healing. Today, as before, the contemplation of mandalas is used to slowly release the mind from its ever present jumble of racing thoughts and results in a stress-free state of being.

 Fermat Spiral Mandala 013.4.014d
Fermat Spiral Mandala 013.4.014d
15 x 15 cm
digital print on wood

The relaxation unfolds as one begins to cultivate an appreciation for the purity of line and the poetry of flowing motion. The eye is led into a controlled, orderly procession of the design components as they wheel around the central point; you become caught up the rhythm of the universe. The healing power of mandalas is at times even more profound, for the geometric designs they reveal are eternal patterns brought into existence in such forms as snowflakes, flowers, starfish, seashells, and Rams’ horns.