Luís Filipe Rodrigues

Education Ministry of Portugal
Santo Tirso, Portugal

I am studing the subject of Drawing since 2004. After had mad more then 100 drawings, I felt the wish to understand the differences between empiric drawings and geometric drawings. In this context I developed a Phd thesis comparing this two ways of drawing, and to be more consciounsness in this cientific thinking I explored the creative way of drawing in both way of working with it.

Thinking about Vasarely
Thinking about Vasarely
20 x 15 cm
Pen on paper

This drawing was made in a structure with several regular geometric shapes. Into this shapes I introduced another similar shapes but with smaller sizes. Then, I created into all of them smaller regular geometric shapes. The aim was to creat a dinamic picture with a sense of deep space. However, all the drawing was made without any auxiliar tool. The drawing was made only with a pen.