James Stasiak

New Milford, Connecticut, USA

I photograph natural and man-made designs, colors, and compositions, and create images from these photos in a directed meditative process that I call Improvisational Development. Every aspect of digital photography from capture to editing to reproduction is based on equations which determine how form, geometry and color interact. My work uses these interactions as creative tools to construct and evolve images to communicate my process and imagination. My photo editing software is the mathematical construct housing my artist's toolbox, color palette and canvas; my intuition and improvisational skills provide direction, and both respond well to happy surprises.

Mind's Eye 7513.88
Mind's Eye 7513.88
60 x 60 cm
Photograph, processed; archival dyes fused to aluminum

Mind's Eye 7513.88 began as a photograph of a concrete wall. I was attracted to the surface texture, lines and projections from the pouring forms. The concrete faithfully replicated the energy, workmanship and care of the builders in interpreting calculated specifications. These attributes invited me to process and build this image in software, combining layers of color, form and calculated modifications until this image appeared. The stepwise application of intuition and improvisation, and mathematically generated color and spatial values all contributed to the realization of what my mind's eye must have seen when I captured the original photo.