Rashmi Sunder-Raj

Mathematical Artist
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

For now, "Mathematical Artist" seems to be a reasonable approximation to a definable part of what I am. I have found much enjoyment feeling about for geometric truths and beauty.

Decades-old files have reminded me about geometric experiments, drawing my interest back to rings of regular polygons. This has recently led to an exploration of partial rings of n-gons chained together in a fashion where the number of n-gons in each vary according to a sequence. Experimentally, I have found that the simple sequence obtained by incrementing the number by 1 each time results in a chain ("polygon squiggle") whose convex hull can be used to form a rotational pattern of 4n units for n odd or 2n for n even. This has, of course, led to some art...

Creatures of the Seven Seas
Creatures of the Seven Seas
30 x 30 cm
Digital print

This underwater world is populated by creatures composed of heptagons, rings of heptagons, and "heptagon squiggles". However, close examination may be necessary, as they appear to be employing patterns of shading to obscure their structure.