Bennett Arnstein and Rona Gurkewitz

Retired mechanical enginer, computer science professor emerita
independent, Western Connecticut State University
Los Angeles, Calif Danbury, Ct

This Wreath with Berries was designed and folded by Bennett and assembled by Rona. Bennett enjoys building rigid 3d models out of flat flexible paper. He finds folding many modules relaxing and feels like his folding improves as he folds. Rona especially likes making origami polyhedra. One of the distinguishing features of their work is that they start from
different polygons as well as squares. This model is made from 240 equilateral triangles, each made into a One Piece
Triangle module.

Wreath with Berries
Wreath with Berries
5 x 20 x 20 cm

This wreath was designed and folded by Bennett and assembled by Rona. It is made from 240 copies of one module. The wreath consists of ten truncated octahedra linked together in a ring. Each truncated octahedron is made from 24 One Piece Triangle modules (designed by Bennett Arnstein). Red modules are scattered throughout the model to suggest berries.The green modules suggest leaves The modules are made from equilateral triangles and hold together without glue. The modules have pockets and tabs that are produced by folding alone.Instructions for the one piece triangle module appear in "3d Geometric Origami:Modular Polyhedra", Dover 1995 by Bennett and Rona.