Bogdan Soban


I continue to develop my proper SW in order to achieve unusual graphic images which cannot be comparable with products of commercial graphic programs. Inside my program algorithms I try to apply my own ideas and new programming methodologies combined with different mathematical theorems. In this way I’m free to experiment different approaches and unusual ideas in generating digital images. In the same time I want to balance the technological and artistic value of an artwork.

Star flower 1
Star flower 1
40 x 40 cm
digital print on canvas

First I choose a group of colors from the matrix and draw the color palette by using Fibonacci sequence of numbers to arrange the color shades in the palette. To draw a background from irregular lines I use random numbers generated by a physical process based on parameters of the motion of the planets in our solar system. A computer programmme simulates the motion of planets around the sun and calculates the current sum of distances between all the planets. The value thus obtained is the basis for the determination of the sequence of random numbers. For the plot of a symetrical object which fuses with the background I use the formula into which the polar coordinates of an individual point enter.