Andrew James Smith

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

In 1968 I began a drawing series of polygon progressions. Though I created hundreds of variations, they each had one of two common traits: they either had shapes with a parallel side or a shared apex. Overlapping the two versions, within the same circumference, yielded a hexagon space in the centre. I realized if the pattern were a cylinder, it could support a 3D cube in the space.

To convey a multi-universe, I overlayed three more layers of hexagons. Each subsequent layer had seven more hexagons in each hexagon, one-third smaller. The four iterations totalled 400 hexagons.

Les Fyvie, the proprietor of Parthenographic Studios, helped me print the image for Neill-Wycik College in Toronto, Ontario, at the Coach House Press in 1970.

Cosmic Cube 2020
Cosmic Cube 2020
25 x 25 cm
Archival Digital Print on Paper

This is a fifty-year anniversary remaster. With the use of a vector graphic software, I added three more iterations which would have been unrealistic for me to have created by hand. This second edition adds three hundred times more hexagons: 120,050.