Corinna Beuermann-Kulp

Friedland, Germany

In my free time I create and sew unique mathematical geometrical toys for children 5 years old and older. Together with the mathematical institute of the University in Göttingen, I developed the "Kindergarten Koffer" - a suitcase with different puzzles: 8 mathemagic cubes, 1 Pentomino, 1 Sudoku, the magnetic dodecagon and the Maths Pie. I made many spheres with different tilings on the surface, and edge models from polyhedra. My hobby is sewing stellated polyhedra, quilts and
other robust, elastic, haptic and soft toys/puzzles!

My circular quilt: "Da staunst Du - 29 Bauklötze!" was shown in Germany during the year of math in 2008. I have enjoyed the bridges conference in Jyväskylä, Waterloo, Stockholm and Linz.

Tessellation sphere with 24 baby kangaroos
Tessellation sphere with 24 baby kangaroos
20 x 20 x 20 cm
softball, cotton fabric, batting, thread

The ball is covered by 24 sewn kangaroos. My idea was to create a spherical tessellation puzzle that consists of identical parts with animal motifs (here kangaroos), which I know as a tessellation from 2D geometry. The tessellation design was developed by me. The basic shape of a baby kangaroo is an even kite shape.