Hans Kuiper

Bunnik, The Netherlands

Hans Kuiper's Art for this exhibition can be characterized as Optical Minimal Art. It is Optical because nearby one sees other things than from a distance. It is Minimal because Kuiper reduces the colours of an input image from up to 16,777,216 (256x256x256) colors to a piece of art with only eight colors. Instead of 256 values in each RGB-color component he uses only two.

Hans Kuiper wants to amaze the spectator with his art.

Astrid's eye captured in eight colours on a spiral
Astrid's eye captured in eight colours on a spiral
40 x 60 cm
Digital Print on AluBond

Astrid's eye shown in Optical Minimal Art. The image is captured on a spiral. The spiral center is chosen right in the center of her eye. Near the edges the spiral is interrupted in case of insufficient space. It is Minimal because only 8 colors are used: black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white.

I wrote a computer program to create the art. The algorithm used the photo image as an input file and processed it into this art work as an output file. Nearby the image is unrecognizable: it looks like an inkwell has fallen over. But from a distance there is no doubt: it's an eye!