Haruto Kamijo

Student of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

I am interested in visualizing hypersurfaces. Various shapes can be generated by choosing equations in n-dimensional space and projecting them into three-dimensional space. Though projected shapes of hypersurfaces are unique and interesting, they are rarely used for actual products. I started applying shapes of hypersurfaces into craftwork.

I created this work in the art-science collaboration class "individuals and groups," taught by Aasao Tokolo and Tomohiro Tachi, held at the University of Tokyo in 2020. The participants created artworks inspired by the connection between math, art, science, and design.

Hypersurface Lamp (cosx + cosy + cosz + cosw = 0)
Hypersurface Lamp (cosx + cosy + cosz + cosw = 0)
8 x 8 x 8 cm
Japanese white-bark magnolia wood, Japanese lacquer, paper, LED unit

Isometric projection of a hypersurface expressed as "cosx + cosy + cosz + cosw = 0, -π < x,y,z,w < π" is used for this lamp. The equation of this hypersurface is inspired by Schwarz P surface.

I sculptured this lamp from a woodblock and colored black using Japanese lacquer. This lamp separates its top and bottom. Its light turns on when the top half is lifted.