Helena Verrill

Mathematics tutor
Mathematics Department, Warwick University
Coventry, England

This piece is a study of structural variation of the waterbomb base origami tessellation folds. The basic tessellation can be varied in a family with a number of parameters, which I have demonstrated in several computer programs. This piece incorporates several tessellations from a family, all in the same sheet. The whole origami is a flat fold tessellations, with some parts also being corrugations.

Waterbomb base tessellation variation
Waterbomb base tessellation variation
52 x 52 x 5 cm
Paper (elephant hide)

This work displays several members of a family of origami tessellations, all in one sheet. I have been studying different families of tessellations, and showing how many can be related to each other by a continuous variation of the structure. This piece incorporates several into the same sheet. It is an ongoing project to work out how to transition from one crease pattern to another in the same sheet of paper.