Jaakko Jokelainen

Software Architect
Helsinki, Finland

Do the Math

Iris 2020
Iris 2020
150 x 150 cm
Printed in canvas

The Eye is constructed using pieces that are the shape of rhombus. There are exactly 2020 rhombi in the Iris.
Rhombi are generated by a generalized version of the De Bruijn grid method for generating Penrose Tilings. Instead of pentagrid one may use any collection of lines.

The image is created by 71 lines and a set of supporting lines. The Pupil is generated by 31 lines with intersection points inside a region that is bounded by the other 40 (71 - 31) lines. And all the 71 lines intersection points are inside the region bounded by supporting lines.

Directions of all 71 lines are chosen symmetrically so that points in the outer edge of the Iris are in the same circle. If one studies the Center of the Pupil one may count 31 rhombi.