Jean Constant

Hermay NM
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Part of an on-going 52 weeks long project on knot geometry. Starting from Null, latitude 0, longitude 0, the objective of the project is to circle the planet following the equator line, 414 (nautical) knots and one visualization per week, to blend the study of knots with information pertaining to local cultures. More detail on the knot geometry project: @

Ancient knots
Ancient knots
60 x 60 cm
Mixed-media acrylic

The 6.2 torus knot is invertible but not amphichiral or capable of being continuously deformed into its own mirror image. The knot was inspired by representation of the oldest recorded knot - the Ryssänsolmu, and the Mesolithic, stone age Antrea Net found in Finland's Karelian basin.
The table on which the knot sits was borrowed from a paper on the double-torus knot by Peter Clifford Hill.