Bih-Yaw Jin; Chia-Chin Tsoo

Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan

We are chemists interested in making bead models inspired by nano structures. Using the angle weave technique of mathematical beading, we discovered that it is possible to construct approximate 3D sphere packing models for fullerenes, zeolites and many other nano molecules and materials. Here, we show a novel method to construct certain sphere packing models as three-dimensional woven structures.

Octahedral nanodiamond
Octahedral nanodiamond
22 x 22 x 22 cm
Wooden beads

The octahedral nanodiamond with eight H-terminated (111) surfaces is arguably the simplest physical model that can approximate the regular octahedron, one of the five Platonic solids. In this artwork we present an ingenious 3D woven bead structure of C165H100 consisting of multiple layers each of which has its own sets of weft(0 ̊) and warp(90 ̊) bead chains. A total of fifty bead chains with suitable chosen lengths were interlaced based on traditional plain weave alternatively between different layers.