Josep Tarres

Project coordinator Digital Numbers Technology initiative

I have interests in engineering applied to STEM. Therefore, I am involved in creating objects that have a geometric background with not only educational math content but also industrial applications. They have to be beautiful in order to be appealing to everyone. "Art goes hand by hand with any activity. Math matches art with geometry."

Starnary from tetrahedron
Starnary from tetrahedron
40 x 30 x 30 cm
White plastic sheets

The starnary is a 3D star of 6 nested triangles in a tetrahedron. Its center is shared with all 6 triangles. Each one of them has a vertex in an edge of the tetrahedron and the other 2 vertexes in the middle of the opposite faces. For a fuller explanation, there is "Art and Math Using an Equally Linked Tetrahedron," a short paper from Bridges 2019, and "The Magic of Equally Linked Geometry," a work in progress. The present geometric sculpture is done with white polyester sheets.