Juergen Ludwig

Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

I am a wood designer and former engineer from Germany having started woodworking in 1985. My specialities are geometrical bodies like the trisphericon, pentasphericon, hybridsphericon, Steinmetz solid, oloid and so on. I admire the aesthetics of these bodies.

38 x 14 x 14 cm
Wood, Pine

This tricylinder is the intersection of three cylinders which are perpendicular to one another. Their centerlines are displaced by one cylinder-radius. Due to that they do not run through a common point as they would in the "usual" tricylinder (Steinmetz solid). The shown tricylinder was manufactured out of a cube with the edge length a. The volume of the tricylinder is V=0.386*a³.

I facetiously named the tricylinder "Gropius'scher Trilobit" (Gropius' trilobite) because of something Walter Gropius once wrote to his mother during his college days:

"I am not able to draw a straight line."

Special thanks to my friend Dr. Wolfgang Schaetzing from Magdeburg for creating the computer models.