Justin Wu

Proof School

I am an aspiring mathematician currently interested in homotopy theory. Origami has always a passion of mine, and I always enjoy folding or designing models with geometric beauty or mathematical significance. I particularly enjoy folding origami tessellations, and recently I have begun designing pentagonal tessellations.

Type 4 Pentagonal Tiling
Type 4 Pentagonal Tiling
61 x 61 cm
Stardream Paper

Recently, there have been developments on the classification of pentagonal tilings, with papers on the discovery of a 15th in 2015 and a computer assisted proof that the 15 types comprise a complete classification. This inspired me to attempt to design an origami pentagonal tiling, and I hope to design more pentagonal tilings in the future. This pentagonal tessellation is type 4, which refers to the wallpaper group p4(442). No vertices are located in the middle of an edge, which produces a very clean crease pattern.