Ligia Unanue

Independent artist
Barcelona, Spain

When I consciously approach geometry, always sacred, I discover some universal patterns which are common forms in all areas, ages and cultures of human history. These forms bring me closer to a mystery. Leaving reason aside, I perceive something in them that surrounds me in time and space feeling 'unity.' Places like the Alhambra have left an indelible mark on my work. To bring these feelings to a tangible reality was a challenge. The search for right materials, elements and pieces to conform a puzzle, has allowed me to overcome problems such as transport, assembly and exhibition of the sculptures. The path of trial/error, which unavoidably implies building, dismantling and rebuilding, has been nevertheless a factor of personal enrichment.

40 x 122 x 122 cm
Stone paper and cardboard

THE ISLAND is the mystery in the form of the earthly. It is perhaps a dome, a mocarab, a mandala, a three-dimensional geometry, a kaleidoscope, a big puzzle or all at once. It is made up of 614 modules (478 squares and 136 triangles) that form a composition of 17 octagonal and 8 hexagonal domes distributed on three levels, the central one being the highest and the largest. The sides of each module have 3 finger-like radii, the central radius being slightly longer to produce the spherical effect.

The center of each module is an empty star shape (8-pointed star in the square, 9-pointed star in the triangle).
Colors: white, beige, turquoise.

It is designed to be seen from below.
(Inspired by the muqarnas of the Alhambra, Granada.)