Mircea Draghicescu

Portland, Oregon, USA

Using common materials and recycled objects, I try to find new ways of combining simple shapes into mathematically inspired works of art. I am currently working on some sculptures that can be seen as either polyhedra models or 3-D knots. A paper describing this work will appear in the Bridges 2020 proceedings.

Whirling leaves
Whirling leaves
30 x 35 x 35 cm
paper, string

24 paper golden rhombi connected with a single loop of string. The centers of the leaves correspond to the vertices of a polyhedron (*), while the connecting string forms a knot (**).

(*) A rectified elongated hexagonal pyramid (the rectification of the self-dual polyhedron obtained by attaching a hexagonal prism to the base of a hexagonal pyramid).
(**) A "Turk's head" knot with 5 leads and 6 bights.