Margaret Kepner

Independent Artist
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

I enjoy exploring the possibilities for conveying ideas in new ways, primarily visually. I have a background in mathematics, which provides me with a never-ending supply of subject matter. My lifelong interest in art gives me a vocabulary and references to utilize in my work. My aim is to express mathematical concepts through attributes such as color, geometric forms, and patterns.

Circle Packing: 20/20 Vision
Circle Packing: 20/20 Vision
50 x 50 cm
Archival Inkjet Print

Shape-packing has the objective of packing a specified number of shapes into the smallest possible envelope shape. This artwork is based on an optimal circle-packing of 20 circles within a circle. The packed circles are graduated in size, such that, if the smallest has diameter 1, the next largest has diameter 2, . . . and the largest has diameter 20. These circles are then packed with more circles, according to their relative size. For example, the size-3 circle at the top is packed with 3 smaller circles. The coloring is determined by the prime-ness of the circle-size in the first step; prime circles are white with black circles inside. For artistic reasons, the packings have been ‘relaxed’ slightly to reveal the surrounding areas better.