Sarah Glaz, Mark Sanders, and David Greenslade

mathematician and poet; artist; education consultant and poet
University of Connecticut; free-lance; Cardiff Metropolitan University
Connecticut, USA; Northamptonshire, UK; Cardiff, Wales

David Greenslade, who conceived this project, lives in Wales. Recently retired from Cardiff Metropolitan University, he is an essayist, surrealist poet and multimedia artist, who often organizes projects involving interactions between poetry and visual arts. The poet, Sarah Glaz, resides in the US. She is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut specializing in the area of commutative algebra. Her poetry is often inspired by mathematics and its history. Mark Sanders, from Northamptonshire, UK, is a collage and ceramic artist whose work engages with surrealism visually. His collage construction is driven by research and combines materials already in his stockpile with new components as required by the subject.

Among Practitioners of Cossike Arte
Among Practitioners of Cossike Arte
30 x 42 cm
Digital print, collage materials, paper, ink

The poet and collagist who created this work teamed up at the invitation of David Greenslade. It started as a ‘surrealist game’ in the Parisian tradition of Andre Breton. David Greenslade had given a poetry prompt asking poets to compose poems in which they invite to dinner anyone from time and space provided that at least one guest has a connection to Wales, and another game is mentioned in the poem. Sarah Glaz responded to the prompt with a poem about the beginning of algebra during the Renaissance in Europe, when algebra was called Cossike Arte (“The Art of Things”); while Mark Sanders, responded to the poem by creating a collage that visually represents, as well as extends, the thought process of the poet. See link for more details.