Shark Lin

Artist, Curator, Columnist, Journalist, Teacher
Taipei, Taiwan

Currently, I am involved in mathematics research, artistic creation, interviews, popular science writing, exhibition planning and creative course designing/ teaching.

I was passionate about mathematics since junior high school days, and published a paper "Digital Root Patterns of Three-Dimensional Space" more than a decade after that time.

To visualize the content of this paper, I try to transform the mathematics to the "Vedic Universe series creation," and the characteristic of my artworks is to encourage audiences experience and perceive mathematics by interacting with the artworks. I attended Bridges in 2018 to exhibit the artworks with travel sponsorship of the National Cultural and Art Foundation.

Vedic Sphere
Vedic Sphere
20 x 20 x 20 cm
Acrylic and reflective materials

Vedic Sphere is the sphericalization of a Vedic Cube, which is defined as the layout of each digital root in a three-dimensional multiplication table, and has six rectangular symmetry planes (x=y, y=z, x=z, x+y=9, y+z=9, x+z=9). Vedic Sphere transforms the shape from six rectangles to six circles with the same relative position, and the visual effect of the Vedic Sphere is more interesting than the Vedic Cube (Symmetric mirrors of Bridges 2018).

Further details can be found in my paper "Digital Root Patterns of Three-Dimensional Space."