Stephen Campbell

Manchester UK

My paintings have always come about from wondering ‘what will happen if I apply this method?’ or ‘how can I make sense of this?’ In this way I use mathematics as a frame work for approaching a subject or as a tool to solve a problem, such as “what would this look like through the back of my head?”, “what if the surface of my eye was bigger than the thing I am looking at?”

Hydrangea in Concave Perspective
Hydrangea in Concave Perspective
40 x 50 x 3 cm
Oil on canvas

Concave perspective reverses the notion of conventional perspective, where there is an object, a view point and an intersection. 'Rays' of light converge on the viewpoint from the object and the projection is shown on the intersection. In concave perspective the viewpoint is effectively inside the object and the 'Rays' diverge through the intersection. This means that more of the object is visible. Hydrangeas are effectivley balls of flowers, in concave perspective the ball becomes a cave.