Yi-Chiao Tien

Product and Spatial Designer
Helsinki, Finland

I am a product and spatial designer, and I am passionate about patterns as plane tilings and three-dimensional dynamic structures. My design work often involves my study of particular symmetry, repetition, and modularity. Through designing objects and space, I aim to explore and facilitate direct interaction between humans, tangible objects, and the ambiance of space.

Lantern Divider
Lantern Divider
50 x 50 x 20 cm
Silicone, HP MJF 3D printing material

A traditional paper lantern structure inspired me to design a modular space divider system. The paper lantern has a cylinder-shaped cover with evenly distributed cutting along the length direction. When a person pushes the lighting fixture from both circle sections, the paper stripes in-between bends outwards and reveals the dim light from the seam line. In my design, I simplified the cylinder with merely three seams and stripes, and I integrated the triangle Platonic Plane Tiling to construct an interlocking three-dimensional dynamic pattern. The design allows a person to store the space divider in a wrap, and expand the structure in space by a simple push.