Tighe Flanagan

Textile Artist
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

As a textile artist I use traditional Islamic geometric motifs as a starting point for many of my quilts. I enjoy researching the patterns and learning about the geometric construction. Then I tear them apart and figure out how to stitch them back together as bits of fabric. My work combines my academic background in the Middle East and North Africa with my passion for visual arts.

Blue Alhambra Leaves
Blue Alhambra Leaves
193 x 182 cm
Quilt made of cotton broadcloth, linen, cotton batting and cotton thread.

This quilt features a tessellation from the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. The curved interlocking leaves at first presented a challenge for sewing, but I was able to break it down into components that resemble a traditional double wedding ring quilt while remaining faithful to the underlying geometric grid. The white background features organic free motion quilting, which contrasts with the precise patchwork grid.