Ulrich Mikloweit

freelance artist

The objects of my art are paper polyhedron models, most preferable uniform ones. The nets are constructed on a computer and printed on white paper of 80 g/m². They are cut out with scissors and knives and assembled with glue. My initial motivation came from pictures of M.C. Escher.

Four Dodecahedra
Four Dodecahedra
36 x 43 x 43 cm
Paper, 80 g/m²

The set of the dodecahedron and its three stellations. In analogy to the stellation process the edges of the dodecahedron were extended until they met again, forming the small stellated dodecahedron with pentagrams as faces. Then the corners of the pentagrams were connected by new edges which supports new (bigger) pentagons. The result is the great dodecahedron. Then its edges were extended again forming thus the great stellated dodecahedron, the faces of which are pentagrams again.