Uyen Nguyen

Origami is my greatest passion. I created my first designs by experimenting with freehand folds on paper and seeing if I liked the results. My current work now involves precise calculations, and I generate the crease patterns for my designs on a computer. Mathematics, science, nature, and color theory serve as inspiration for all my works. I love all things bright and colorful, and paper is a great medium to express that love.

Corrugated Möbius Loop
Corrugated Möbius Loop
22 x 25 x 11 cm
Stardream paper

This work was inspired by the single surface metal sculptures of Christoph Ohler as well as the Rule 105 Möbius Scarf by Sabetta Matsumoto, Henry Segerman, and Fabienne Serriere. After seeing these works at Bridges Stockholm and learning more about the process of creating them, I wanted to create an origami pattern that would be seamlessly continuous despite the twist required to create a Möbius loop. Rather than using a rectangular sheet of paper I opted to use an S shape to reduce the strain in the material when connecting the ends to close the loop. I chose the copper color to be reminiscent of metal. Can you spot the seam or the point of inflection?