Zach Dodson

Associate Professor of Communication Design
School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Pyramid Resonator is a speculative mathematical design, meant to serve as part of the narrative in the forthcoming novel Kuu. Kuu is a full-length work of illuminated fiction, in the form of a designed book. It tells the story of a moon colonist in crisis, his encounter with a strange pyramid-worshipping civilization.

Zach Dodson is an Associate Professor of Communication Design at Victoria University of Wellington. Previously, he started a MA degree in Visual Narrative at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, where visual, design, and game students were taught the principles of narrative architecture. He is the author of the illuminated novel Bats of the Republic (Doubleday, 2015). Other experiments can be seen at

The Pyramid Resonator
The Pyramid Resonator
420 x 59 cm

The Pyramid Resonator presents the Great Pyramid at Giza as a celestially-aligned teleruic-current-amplifying electromagnetic power plant.