Amanda Owens

Software Engineer
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

With a degree in mathematics and studio art, I am interested in seeing the ways in which these two fields can be joined. I work with acrylic on wood panel, leaving open spaces within the composition for the natural wood grain to show through and contrast with the geometric components of the painted areas. I utilize color, line, and paint application to highlight the contrast of the organic and the geometric.

30 x 30 cm
Acrylic on wood panel

This work depicts both a fundamental region of a tessellation and a projection of a link diagram. The color gradient and color alternations breaks the symmetries inside the painted region. The yellow and red links do not connect to each other, but instead lay flat on the wooden panel backdrop competing with the colors of the wood. The blue components linking the red and yellow together, lightest at the top and getting darker at the bottom of the painting. The gradient from light to dark changes your perception of the unlinked components as your eye travels vertically.