Andrew Harper

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Andrew is a kid who likes science, math, history, music, art, coding and poetry.

His piece “Lima-Limoid” was shown in the 2019 JMM art gallery. It involved a cardiod as well as non-degenerate limaçons (polar curves of the form r = a + b cos θ) and also lenses (intersections of two disks). This year, he has explored some modifications of this image, while attempting to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Lima-Limoid modification #1
Lima-Limoid modification #1
28 x 35 cm
Digital print

To obtain this image, Andrew made use of the “Conformal Maps” portion of the iPad app iOrnament Crafter (by Jürgen Richter-Gebert) to manipulate “Lima-Limoid”. A conformal map is a transformation which preserves local angles. The particular one used here appears to involve a composition of trigonometric functions to distort copies of the original image into a repeating pattern, while still retaining some hint of the original work.