Adam Zynger

Baltimore, USA

As an artist and editor of Artists Equity Newsletter, I have published an article on Art and Science, which introduced the Baltimore’s art community to the interrelatedness of these two disciplines. My most recent fascination is with tessellation in Nature! These prints are homage to the honeycomb tessellation and cyclization, and possibly, to the natural evolution! They were constructed by combination of self-similarity and Python equations. Based primarily but not exclusively on the hexagon figure, they precede the human mathematics by millions of years. Cholesterol is formed by cyclization of squalene with predominant hexagon figure. So do a bee comb and the composite arthropod eyes with a distinct figure of a hexagon.

Hexagon Viral
Hexagon Viral
40 x 50 cm
digital print

Hexagon Viral has an enriched three-dimensionality and imparts an illusion of perspective thru an overlap of the hexagon formations. It also alludes to the viral geometric structure.