Branislava Jakovljevic

Teacher of Mathematics
Pancevo, Serbia, Europe

Occupation: teacher of mathematics
As someone who teaches mathematics and loves art, I tend to make math more interesting to my pupils and to show its connection with other subjects. Therefore I started working String-Art pictures with my pupils, and soon came to idea to implement it in jewelry.
To make jewelry, I use geometry. Patterns are made by construction of geometric shapes, using compass, ruler and GeoGebra. Materials used are thin cardboard, thread and epoxy resin.
After constructing the pattern, I transfer it to cardboard and make holes through which I tread the yarn. These treads are tangents and tendons of curves, and I could use the same pattern for different shapes, depending on holes I pick to tread the yarn.

StringArt hexagons
StringArt hexagons
7 x 7 cm
thin cardboard and thread

The pendant and earrings are hexagons divided into six triangles. Each triangle is decorated using StringArt.

Dimensions: pendant - 6.5x6.5cm, earrings - 4.5x4.5cm