Shukkuen Tse

Math Specialist
Edith C. Baker School, one of the Brookline Public Schools in MA
38 Clarendon Ave, Apt #3. Somerville, Massachusetts 02144, USA

Learning and teaching of mathematics are my life long endeavors. I also love making art. Exploring the visual beauty of mathematics started about 5 years ago. When a form, shape, or a theorem appears, I try to be still, with patience, openness, and gently allow whatever comes to mind guide me through the process of creativity. Since 2017 I have also started teaching my students to explore this relatively unknown territory of mathematics and art. Many of them enjoy the process, but not without struggles and messiness. In the end, they get to know mathematics more intimately through drawing and painting. Many were surprised when they began to visualize the mathematical meaning behind their creative work.

The beauty of Recaman sequence
The beauty of Recaman sequence
50 x 65 cm

After learning more about the Recaman sequence, I started to draw and paint the lines on a canvas that was already filled with unplanned colors and textures. I was not sure what may come out. At the end I saw not just the sequence itself, but also chaos, rhythm, light and dark. It was a surprise for me.