Albert P. Carpenter

Tecumseh, Missouri
In 1987, I began sculpting with geometrically inspired modular construction systems while at the College of William and Mary under the direction of sculptor Lewis Cohen. Up until 2016, I created such geometric systems in paper, wood and with the software program "Great Stella". Then, in early 2016, I began to construct topological structures such as knots, links, braids and weaves with geometric components including points, lines, polygons and polyhedra. This unification of geometry and topology via the theory of structuralism co-opted from theoretical biology and chemistry informs many of my sculptures. Thus, with structural geometric topology, I investigate and wish to share the beauty of harmony, order and symmetry through art.
Mobius Metaknot
Mobius Metaknot
63 x 63 x 7 cm
Mobius Metaknot finds inspiration in structural geometric topology as seen in this sculptural rendering of a trefoil knot structured by four monocyclic knots that are themselves structured by regular hexagons and squares. As an artistic expression of a monosurface, it resonates the aesthetic of a Mobius strip. However, it is the intrinsic beauty of harmony and symmetry that motivated its design and construction.