Angie Lee

Systems Engineer, Artist
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

I'm a systems engineer by day and papercutting enthusiast by night. I'm fascinated by the intersection of mathematics, art, and nature. I love to express my awe and appreciation of patterns in nature through papercutting and mixed media art.

Cutting Foam
Cutting Foam
20 x 15 cm
grid paper, washi paper, metallic paint
For this piece, I was inspired by the naturally occurring spherical and polyhedral patterns of bubbles and foam. This represents the two-dimensional cross section of a three-dimensional foam, subtly revealing Voronoi patterns. The foam shows a gradation of wet to dry foams, where wet foams have more spherical shapes and showcase the effect of spherical particle packing. As the liquid becomes dryer, the shapes become more polyhedral and larger through the process of coarsening. Ultimately the liquid evaporates and the shapes dissipate. The flowers represent the delicate nature of both this natural phenomena and the papers used in its creation.