Clifford Singer

Las Vegas, Nevada USA
It is my intent, with a fascination to a Serpentine Curve, usage as an instrument involving the overall beauty of the image. The Serpentine Curve is with the exception that Isaac Newton's classification of cubic curves, 1701, but functions as follows: serving as intersecting through the partial ellipse, section of circle, XY axis perpendicular intersect and tangent to the cubic parabola. The cubic parabola is tangent to the circle section. These relationships present an interweaving of linear vocabulary. Of course, there is the ongoing theme of collinearity characteristic of my work. The asymptote in the upper central region serves as a separation of magenta to yellow; in addition creates an interchange for positive/negative space.
Untitled, Serpentine Curve
Untitled, Serpentine Curve
188 x 229 x 5 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
2020 ©
The usage of magenta, blue and yellow falls into the domain of the three primary colors; red, yellow and blue. Values of black and white balance through separation of shape and completing the color reading to picture plane.