Corinna Beuermann-Kulp

Friedland, Germany
In my free time I create and sew unique mathematical geometrical toys for children 5 years old and older. Together with the mathematical institute of the University in Göttingen, I developed the "Kindergarten Koffer" - a suitcase with different puzzles: 8 mathemagic cubes, 1 Pentomino, 1 Sudoku, the magnetic dodecagon and the Maths Pie. I made many spheres with different tilings on the surface, and edge models from polyhedra. My hobby is sewing stellated polyhedra, quilts and other robust, elastic, haptic and soft toys/puzzles! My circular quilt: "Da staunst Du - 29 Bauklötze!" was shown in Germany during the year of math in 2008. I have enjoyed the bridges conference in Jyväskylä, Waterloo, Stockholm and Linz.
My π roll
My π roll
9 x 13 x 13 cm
cotton fabric, batting, thread. 3-layered
A year ago, the hunt for toilet paper began worldwide. My soft π roll is sewn in three layers and has a length of 314 cm when unrolled. I have chosen the name "my π roll" because each new color "sheet of paper" completely wraps the roll. The fewer "sheets of paper" on the roll, the smaller the diameter of the roll. Currently, there are twelve "sheets of paper" on the roll. The "paper" colors are chosen in the graduated colors of the rainbow because many painted rainbows decorated the windows last year. As a symbol that we all stay home if possible, so that our friends or so many people can not be infected with the Corona virus. So that the health care system is not overloaded. Thank you to our healthcare heroines and heroes.