Douglas Dwyer

I have always been fascinated by flat patterns changing when transformed onto a curved surface. We see this when shadows are cast on a form and when tiles are placed on a dome. A 2D form on a 3D surface always seems magical to me. I seek to capture such phenomena with photographs, computer generated imagery and the interplay between the two.
Escher's Sphere
Escher's Sphere
Computer Art
Escher created three dimensional spaces that never existed with mathematical precision. He also was very good at conveying a sense of depth. All without the aid of a computer. Escher wrote: "Curved ribbons or strips are suited to suggest a three dimensionality… A system of four theoretically never ending ribbons running over the surface of the sphere linking at the poles. Both poles are visible, one externally and one internally through the interspace between the two ribbons." I convey the same concept using a computer and an algorithm that draws the furthest away line segments first. A note provides the equations behind each line: