Ellen Oppenheimer

Peralta Elementary School
Oakland, California USA
The geometry and patterns of quilts is very compelling and fascinating to me. Within this context I am exploring a balance of color, line and form. I am also able to refer to historical or traditional textiles. Ideally my quilts represent a logical and chronological progression of the history of traditional American quilts. Beyond quilts I want these pieces to resemble and suggest different traditional, woven or embroidered textiles from all over the world. I want them to be essentially “textile” while they are still quilts. In the series of quilts that I am currently working on I create complex designs by silk-screening layers of pattern on the fabric with inks and dyes.
SOL #1
SOL #1
78 x 78 x 2 cm
Quilt - Fabric, Batting, Inks and Dye
SOL #1 is the fist in a series of quilts using a pattern that has angles that are not 45° or 90°