Erica Minuz

Mathematics and Didactic Adjunktvikar Lecturer
University College Copenhagen
My research interests lie in interpreting abstract mathematical concepts in visual language. Mathematical structures generate my narrations and visual storytelling. I have been working in the field of algebraic topology as a mathematician (Aarhus University) and studied art and illustration. This series of drawings focuses on understanding and visualizing topological spaces. Topological spaces are shapes in constant movement: they are floating, rotating, shrinking and squeezing. Like the organisms represented by Ernst Haeckel, they can be studied, classified, described and, especially, they can be drawn.
Topological spaces
Topological spaces
40 x 30 cm
Pencils on black paper
This drawing is a part of a series of five drawings representing various aspects of topological spaces: dimension, classification, interpretation. Here we can see the operation of cutting and gluing surfaces in order to form new ones.