Francesco De Comité

Associate Professor of Computer Science
University of Lille (France)

My main goal is to give life to mathematical concepts, by means of pictures or 3D objects, printed or build, using adequate techniques. I find an equal interest in translating mathematical objects into real things than in finding and learning the better method to realize it.

Flesh and Bones
Flesh and Bones
18 x 50 x 37 cm
Textile iron wire

I presented a paper at Bridges 2015, dealing with several representations of Dupin cyclides, using 3D printing. I wanted to build by hands other representations of cyclides. The first one is made with wired iron circles. A long process, with the invention of several techniques made it possible to achieve it. Then I wanted to build one out of fabrics, and after several tries and errors, I came with the model on the right. Diairies of my tries are logged on my flickr account.
Should I have had more time, I would have written a paper about those odysseys.