Gabriele Meyer

Senior Lecturer
Madison, WI, USA

I have crocheted hyperbolic surfaces for almost 13 years now. Over time the surfaces became more complex and they have increased in size. What I most love about them is the play of light and shadow on the intricate curves.
The sculptures are now far removed from any real thing that you can find in this world. However you can find them in mathematics and in the mind. These sculptures are my escape from this world. I needed this escape in the last year.

Lorenz and Friends
Lorenz and Friends
173 x 36 x 36 cm
yarn and plastic line

This is an arrangement of hyperbolic disks, some of them in the classical shape of Lorenz manifolds, meaning relatively flat on one side and strongly negatively curved on the other. For the crochet I used white and off white shades of Red Heart yarn, crocheted around .065 inches Yardworks trimmer line, using a 3.50mm solid metal Boye hook. The irregularity of the individual disks seems to appeal to our sense of aesthetics.
I arranged them vertically and inserted fairy lights through holes in the center.